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About project

Long ago in Holland windmills pumped water from the canals, ground flour and did a lot of other useful work. They could turn after the wind, had brakes to protect against strong winds. Their descendants - modern wind turbines can take much more from the wind. They are huge, capture huge masses of air, produce megawatts, are able to control the speed of rotation and the angle of blades installation.  And are also very expensive, harmful for birds and produce destructive infrasound. We present the next generation of wind turbines - quiet, safe, inexpensive and able to get maximum from the wind.

 Windmills were located close to the consumer and were regulated only by the speed of rotation. They were slow-moving, relatively safe and could work with a weak wind. The second generation are the modern wind turbines, they produce energy where is the strong wind. It is dangerous to be near them, so they moved far from the consumer.


Active coils are located stationary on the rail track. Smart electronics controls the generator, sets the desired speed of moving and position of wings, monitors the distance to neighboring wings.

The wing works like a sail on a yacht, constantly checking the wind to transform its action into the maximum driving force from which the generator will make electricity. If the wind can not move the wing forward, the generator will turn into a motor and will continue to move, and the energy will be produced by second row of wings, for which the wind is favorable.

If a strong wind carries a lot of energy to collect it are needed large area of wings and high power of  generators.

In this case to the guideline go out additional wings, each with its own generator and a large wind energy is not lost.

In depot are stored the spare wings, to depot you can quickly move damaged wings and put on the line operable. The system does not need to be stopped in order to repair and replace the wings, energy is always generated as long as there is at least one operable wing on the line.

The elements of system are small, they are easy to transport by conventional vehicles. The system uses a rectangular windscreen window, which can be easily extended both vertically and horizontally, as far as there is enough space.

The system consists of identical elements — modules, and even the first, assembled from modules initial segment of the system is able to produce energy.

The system with slow movement of wings does not create infrasound, is safe for birds and people, can be placed where it is needed — close to the consumer. The system has low loads, so it does not require expensive composite materials.

The system can operate continuously, without stopping for repair and maintenance. The modules of system are small, so it is easy and inexpensive to organize the delivery of the elements.

The system has a revolutionary regulation option - regulation of wings area and installed power of generators, which allows totally use the power carried by the wind.

More energy-less cost-easier work.


We offer a third generation that will move back to the consumer and safe speeds. And will be regulated not only by the speed and angle of wings, but will change wings area and power of generators. Slowly running wings along the linear guide check carefully the direction of wind and turn after him to get maximum energy that wind can produce. Slowly running wings change much the direction of the wind, aerodynamics can not be deceived, but the second row of wings moving in the other direction picks up the wind flow and uses this change to return lost energy.

To get wind power at low speed are needed large wings, but light and inexpensive, because here are no big aerodynamic forces and centrifugal loads. Low speed - low loads — low cost.


The energy is produced by a linear generator. No expensive materials, only iron and copper. No sliding contacts and brushes.

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