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The main disadvantages of large wind turbines of traditional construction – powerful infrasound waves, and high-danger from the blades, moving at high speed. We eliminate these disadvantages by applying the construction with the slow movement of the wings. The decline in efficiency that would occur if reduce the speed of movement of the blades with the traditional design, we overcome by applying the aerodynamic system of two grids moving in the opposite direction. Key features of the project that improve the environmental characteristics of the generator:


- Slow motion of the wings helps to prevent infrasonic waves and aerodynamic noise. Due to this, the generator does not threaten to birds, humans and animals. It can be placed where electricity is needed, close to consumers, without creating an exclusion zone around the generator.


- Small aerodynamic load per unit of wing area and the lack of centrifugal loads avoids the use of high strength composite materials. Wings can be made of inexpensive, easily recyclable materials like steel, molded wood, thermoplastic plastic, film. It will allow not use in the life cycle of generator hazardous chemical industries. 


- The inductor type of electric generator uses only inexpensive and easily recyclable materials – iron and copper. Do not require the application of rare earth magnets. 


- A uniform reduction of the wind speed over the generator allows to use it as wind protection where the excess power is harmful. Also the generator can be used as protection of soil from wind erosion. 

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