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The base of the generator is a wing that is mounted on the carriage moving along the rail. The wing uses wind energy and creates a force that moves the carriage.
The carriage is equipped with the movable part of the linear electric generator, on the guide rail— the fixed part.
Using the power of the movement of the carriage, an electric generator produces a current.To be sure that the generator constantly makes the best use of wind power, it continuously adjusts the mounting angle of the wing and the speed of movement of the carriage.

  Change of quantity of running carriages with wings helps to ensure the high efficiency of the generator in changing wind conditions. Each additional wing and the generator in the carriage allow producing additional power, in conditions when strong wind carries much energy.
  Thus, the generator can continuously adjust the angles of the wings relative to wind stream, the speed of wings movement and the total area of working wings.

  In addition, total electric power of the generators is regulating and the loss caused by the low speed of wings movement is

  On one guide rail can be located a lot of carriages with wings next to each other. Carriages
are moving at a slow speed to avoid mechanical and aerodynamic noise. Light speed allows
to work safely for the environment.
  Many of the carriages with wings form a row which represents a common aerodynamic grid. In order to avoid losses in the skew of a wind stream at low speed near one grid with the wings there is another moving in the opposite direction. It uses a skew of wind stream
created by the first row in order to produce additional power.

  Due to the slow movement of wings, our generator is harmless to birds and other animals.This will allow to place the generators in places that are forbidden for conventional wind turbines for environmental reasons.


The modular principle of generator construction affords to complete generating moduls gradually, developing the generator up in the direction of greater wind energy. Starting from the first level generator produces energy.

Multilevel principle of construction of the generator allows to avoid obstacles on the ground and get more energy where there are no obstacles. The generator does not produce infrasound and does not require the exclusion zone. Thats why it can be located close to consumers that makes energy cheaper.

 We use modular technology. The modules of the guide path can form a path of any length and configuration on any terrain. All modules that make up the wind generator are placed in standard shipping containers.
  Small size and weight of the modules make easy to organize the delivery and assembly of the wind generator, as well as to organize the transport operation for maintenance and repair.

  Our generator can constantly run in the optimal mode to collect most of the energy carried by the wind. This is achieved by continuous regulation of the parameters of the installation angle of the wing relative to the incoming flow, the geometry of the wing, the speed of movement of the wing, and the number of working wings.

 The generator has no large parts, and consists of modules that are packaged in a standard shipping container.That’s why the parts of the generator can be easily delivered to the place of installation, standard dimensions also will not cause difficulties in the maintenance and repair works of generator.

 The generator does not have heavily loaded parts, so there is no need to use expensive materials in manufacturing proccess — high-strength composites and high-strength metal alloys. Construction can be made of inexpensive, harmless in production and processing
materials, which also are easily utilized and recycled.


Technology advantages:

1. The whole area of the wings operates in the optimal mode, unlike the traditional scheme where just the tip works in optimal mode.

2. The ability to work effectively at low speed, without infrasound and threat to birds and people that allows not create an exclusion zone around the installation.


3. Low loading of the structural elements that allows the use of inexpensive materials like steel and fiberglass.


4. The scheme allows to use any geometry and path length of construction that will help to fit it in any type of piece of land.


5. The scheme has a modular structure, single carriage with wing and generator – standard module, section of a track with rail guides – also a standard module. Modules are serial products, which reduce their cost, simplifies maintenance and repair.

6. For mechanical units and assemblies exist developed prototypes of railway transport and attraction like "roller coaster".


7. Service and repair works with the modules can be made without stopping the operation of the installation.

8. The weight of the components of installation is not the major importance as in a traditional scheme.


9. The proposed scheme of installation allows maintaining the optimal parameters in a wide range of wind, increasing the average annual gathering of the wind energy.


10. The scheme allows to change the installation options – number of wings, speed of wings movement, mounting angles without changing the hardware and software. The use of a self-learning management system is possible.


11. The scheme allows the use of special modules, for example, module with a larger generator, a module - snowthrower, a module with a modified wing profile.


12. The failure of the modules does not stop the operation of the installation.

13. The scheme works in any wind direction without the necessity of orientation of the entire installation to the wind.


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